Java installation error 1618 Code (Solution)

Mistake 1618 isn’t remarkable to Java. It is a mistake from Microsoft Installer (.msi) expressing that another .msi is as of now being prepared. The Microsoft Installer, msiexec.exe, can just process one establishment at any given moment. This mistake will be experienced when one MSI is endeavored to be introduced while another is as of now handling.

It would be ideal if you remember this doesn’t really imply that another Java establishment is happening. It implies that msiexec.exe is as of now handling another .msi establishment. This could be one of thousands of different applications that utilization the Microsoft Installer.

In any case, we should take a gander at how we can beat this with regards to conveying Java

Fix #1: End Competing Installation Programs

Some of the time Windows gets befuddled when introducing programming since it tries to introduce an excessive number of things without a moment’s delay and stops up. Completion any projects or updates introducing out of sight can tackle mistake 1618.

Press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys on your console in the meantime

Tap on Start Task Manager

Tap on the Processes tab

Find and left-tap on MSIEXEC.MSI in the rundown

Snap End Process

Take a stab at introducing Java now

On the off chance that that doesn’t work at that point proceed onward to the following fix.

Fix #2: Restart Your Computer and Reinstall

Restart your PC (turn it off, at that point turn it on)

Download the disconnected Java installer:

Run the disconnected Java installer.

On the off chance that that doesn’t work at that point proceed onward to the following fix.

Fix #3: Uninstall Java Entirely and Reinstall it

Uninstall Java from your PC by following the directions here:

Restart your PC.

Download the disconnected Java introduce


Run the disconnected Java installer.

To make sure you know, PDQ Deploy has worked in assurance against running simultaneous arrangements at the same time on similar targets. At the point when a PDQ Deploy reassure is advised to convey numerous bundles to a similar target PC it will just start one sending at any given moment and basically line the others. When one arrangement finishes the following will start.

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